Painting and sharing my art for others to enjoy is what I love to do. Throughout the last 15 years as a self taught artist, practicing and experimenting with the different mediums, I am now able to provide you with the paintings that will bring you joy.  My favorite mediums are oils and pastels.  Having joined a few painting groups I truly appreciate all the new techniques that I'm learning.  As the saying goes,"you're never too old to learn".
In my free time I enjoy traveling to Boston and Chicago to visit my children and love to include the beautiful scenery in my paintings. I am available for commissions to turn your favorite landscape images into memorable gifts and custom decorations in your home or office.

Questions and requests by email are always welcome. You can reach me at [email protected] and you can also look me up on Instagram as sofia_navarrete_art. Please join my email list so you'll be the first to receive notice of my new paintings, activities, or special offers.